Friday, October 21, 2011

Travel Lust...

Of all the things in the world, I'd say traveling is my favorite.  There is something about the newness, the change of scenery, the break from the ordinary.  I love being in a new place and discovering what it has to say.  There's also the post-travel bliss.  It's as though travel has the ability to completely realign my perspective and remind me that the insignificant is truly insignificant.  There is very little that a good meal shared with someone you love in a new place can't cure.  Cheers...

Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Lighthouse Park, Vancouver

Rio de Janeiro

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  1. hi there! thanks for checking out my little blog. so much fun to hear you were in spain the same week. my head has been in the clouds ever since i got back thinking about all the beauty there. cheers!