Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Why do you read...

Blogs are interesting, aren't they?  To be honest, it took me awhile. Now I can't imagine my work day without these little respites. I read a lot of them, depending on the mood I'm in.  I have daily reads, I have periodic reads and I am constantly checking out something new and losing myself in some wonderfully written words or photos. Quite simply, they inspire me.  At first glance, they might seem self indulgent.  Without better understanding, a reader might wonder, is this even appropriate?  Am I getting some bizarre satisfaction living as though I know these blog writers?  But really, that couldn't be further from the truth. 

To me, blogs are about inspiration.  They are sharing ideas.  Many are just downright aesthetically gorgeous.  They provoke and expand and enable me to think of something as simple as something new to make for dinner or maybe more complex like Joslyn's Operation Simplicity or Jenna's post on being the household breadwinner

I try to look at the blogs I enjoy as a calm space and a place that invokes positivity in my day-to-day.  I've been a long time reader and can genuinely say my simple life is a little better because of it. 

(image via Pinterest)

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