Monday, October 24, 2011

French Women Don't Get Fat....

This book came out more than 5 years ago yet it still sits on my nightstand table.  The reason is I just never get tired of it.  I can pick it up and read just a random excerpt, or start again at page 1, there is always something new I learn and an overwhelming sense of "yes!" when I read it. 
   It isn't groundbreaking and it isn't particularly scientific.  What it is, is just a little glimpse into the European way of thinking about food and wellness.   A critic might argue that it's overly simple --- ie., if you want the second glass of wine skip the bread basket, but I think that's entirely the point.  Guiliano stresses that food should be enjoyed, that we should let go of some of the "guilt" that surrounds our eating habits.  However, the focus should be on fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, meats and fish. 
   Anyways, you can read plenty of reviews and summaries around the web.  I just thought it was worth re-mentioning since it is one of my very favorites.  It's a quick, fun read with a certain lightheartedness to it.  The book doesn't lecture its readers nor is it patronizing.  It's just informative and a good reminder of the approach I like to take towards food. 

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