Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Almost 15 months

Baby Joe, you're closing in on 15 months.  A little snapshot of what you're up to these days.

**Walking, walking, walking.   You carry your little toys now too while you go from place to place.  Always so proud of yourself as you get to where you need to be.
**You snap your fingers when you want someone to sing to you.  We're going to try and capture it on video because its really priceless.
**Favorite book - no question, Brown Bear Brown Bear.   You flip through it so many times every day
**Favorite toy - still your collection of balls - soccer balls, bouncy balls, small and large.  You entertain yourself, play pass with us, hide them, roll them, look for them.
**You are quick to give a stranger a smile and then play shy.  You like to be tucked right next to mama on the couch for your nap.  You are curious about everything happening around you.  Sometimes you get frustrated but you're an overwhelmingly very content, easy to please, happy natured little soul.