Monday, February 24, 2014

Gratitude for the ordinary

In this week's e-course, Brene reminded us that when people suffer a tragedy what they often miss most about their "former" lives are the most simple of things.   So, on that note - I'm taking extra careful notice of the tiniest moments that I treasure in my day.   Here, to start this Monday:

1. My baby's soft hands, his perfect smell, the way he cuddles right into the side of my body like he's meant for nowhere else but that spot.
2. My husband, who not only loves me but is an amazing dad.  Last night he and J were having a dance party...  He would dance, the baby would giggle uncontrollably and run into his legs for a hug.  And again...  And again....
3. The proximity of high quality food --- a weekend trip to Formaggio always reminds me what a wonderful place I get to call home.
4. An amazing nanny --- who shows up full of love every morning.  Eager to spend time with J and help our family in any way possible...  including sending this tired mom off to work with a piping hot bowl of homemade oatmeal this morning.  thank you!!
5.  Audiobooks.  My new hobby.   This morning I wrapped up The Great Gatsby.  

And a photo from an ordinary moment.  J is into everything!   Exactly as a 15 month old curious, active boy should be....