Friday, February 28, 2014

Defining Moments

True, most of life is made up by the everyday tiny moments.   The meals, the conversations, the bedtime stories...   The things that happen while we're busy making big plans.  I believe that and try not to take for granted the ordinary days.   While at times monotonous, we truly are living the "good old days" and being present and grateful for them is a ticket to inner contentment.

But life is also made up of a series of defining moments.  Different for each of us - they are the BIG things --- the choices, changes, and commitments that alter the trajectory of life.   Today is a defining day.  We closed on our new home.  The house is a dream come true.   A result of many years of hardwork, plans in practice, and a lot of good grace.  I would be remiss to not acknowledge that I was "born on third base", making it to home plate wasn't nearly the same struggle for me as it is for others.  I was born into a stable and loving family, in a country that rewards hardwork and makes things possible. That said, it wasn't the straightest path or the easiest road.  There was sacrifice and a lot of postponed satisfaction.  Today --- it feels truly worth it.

Among other reasons, it is a defining moment because this house will dictate who my son meets, what education he receives, and what his future dreams become.  This house will be our home.  It will be a place for both the ordinary and the extraordinary.  I am so grateful, so proud, so happy, so humbled.  Today a dream came true.