Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dear Sugar Radio II

If you're not listening, please do.  Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond pair up to cohost this amazing podcast and I can't get enough.

While it's similar to Tiny Beautiful Things, I think the dialogue between Almond and Strayed makes for really compelling listening.   Their conversation is honest, blunt, and just so smart.   Almond ups the ante and brings a bit of "English Professor" to the conversation with his subtle references to great literature and Strayed keeps it real with her honest, relatable self.  Their chemistry is wonderful and both just add so much. The music included does not disappoint either.

A few of my favorite excerpts <please listen to podcast for full context>,

"Will he ever learn...   That's not your problem.   But when you feel betrayed you have this desire, 'I want them to realize it.'  But really, you wish you had realized it."

"It's so pro-forma feminine misogyny.  Oh dude, get a new act."  (said by Steve, which made it that much better) but so true.  Some of this anti-woman crap is just so old, predictable and boring.  You don't hate her, you hate yourself.  Tale as old as time.

And this cover of Love is a Battlefield performed by Raining Jane.