Tuesday, January 20, 2015


My little one's mind is exploding.  You can see it.  It's as though I can watch the mind making connections, realizations, associations.  Not a day passes that I don't feel so grateful for that healthy, loving boy but these days are especially fun.  His eyes are so expressive.  His words are coming together.

One of his favorite activities these days is sensory play.  His teacher commented on how much he enjoys the rice table.  I'm looking forward to the warmer weather when the possibilities get a bit more messy and free-range, but for now I'm thinking of ideas that we can do in our living room.

I try to keep the sensory activity special.  We do it in a room we don't normally use and we have a special mat to signal that's what we're doing and also keep the mess contained.   I'm searching for more sensory ideas - I think it's a fantastic way to explore, be creative, and play in an open-ended way.  

Last week we did a combination of dry pasta and mini marshmallows. A strange combo, yes, but that's the idea.  This should be cheap and easy.  For 3 days, we've played with this set.  It's amazing how entertained he is.

Tonight I think I'll try soft spaghetti.  The goopy, sticky texture should be a welcome break from the loud, dry pasta.  I'll bring some containers in various sizes and maybe a rolling pin and see where that blossoming brain takes us.