Friday, January 16, 2015


Yesterday I took the a mid-week day off to just plain catch up.  I took the dog on a gorgeous walk through the conservation land in the backyard.  The pond was frozen and the composition of his dark fur, the grey sky, the snow and the ice was exquisite.

Later, I was listening to Dear Sugar radio. they were discussing transformation.   People typically expect transformation to be very concrete - I was one way on December 31st and a new person on January 1.   They used the word "binary" - you are one or you are the other.  You were the beast and now you're the beauty.   But that's not how it really transpires.  Transformation is slow, painful work.  It might be one step forward, two back, a step off course completely, a tumble to the bottom of the hill and a sprint to some mid point.   The first mile might be the most difficult or trying to transition from one seemingly insignificant place to the next one might hang you up for years.   It was an interesting point, especially relevant in the new year.

To enjoy a quiet moment.  To say Thank You for the gift of living in this paradise - paradise measured not only by it's beauty but it's safety, it's freedom, it's tranquility.   The pause is part of my transformation.

Patient nature.