Thursday, August 30, 2012

28 Weeks

Hello, third trimester.  It's bittersweet to see 2nd trimester go, it was very good to us, but entering the 3rd trimester means we're that much closer to meeting our boy.   I feel bigger everyday.  It's an amazing thing, this female body.  The way it changes and adjusts and makes a comfortable, safe, nurturing home for a child.

As the 3rd trimester gets underway, we've started talking a bit more about birth.  I think Elizabeth said it BEST when she said, "more and more i feel like where and how we birth is just another way to divide mothers against mothers. i have many friends who have had c-sections and feel guilty that they never labored, many friends who had their babies in in their living rooms. is one superior to the other? not a chance. both stay up nights on end comforting a sick child, wipe away tears, give every bit of their resources and energy to make their little ones feel like the most important thing in the world"  Amen.  What matters to our family is that our boy is delivered safely.  I find comfort in research, therefore will continue to educate myself about the process, all the while knowing that when the moment comes, I will trust my body and my health care team to make the delivery of our first child as healthy and positive as it can be.

12 more weeks.   We plan to enjoy, prepare, rest and wait.....