Monday, August 20, 2012


Coming back from a great extended weekend.  We got so much done at home - organizing the bathroom, the kitchen, the basement...making room for our little boy.   Although the house and it's ENDLESS list of work that needs to be done can seem somewhat frustrating and daunting at times, it's also a lot fun.  I'm grateful that my husband shares my interest and it's a creative outlet/pastime/hobby we enjoy together.  It's a labor of love, no doubt, but watching it transform and be a tangible reflection of our work is also quite gratifying.   We'll always remember this house and the time we spent together helping it grow.  Our first "baby" ~

With the nursery and back hall nearing completion, up next we've got to tackle the dining area off the kitchen.  I hesitate to call it a Dining Room, since we decided to sell our Dining Set and replace it with a casual eat in table and convert half of the room to a home office for my husband.   Hard to justify a sideboard, when my husband has been working off his laptop/coffee table for the past two years but there's also dining/office combos like this one, which is an interesting direction I hadn't quite thought of: