Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Bagster is a great resource for Do-it-Yourself'ers like we are.   One of these days I'll get a complete album of the renovations we've been working on loaded up here but in the meantime, today is a good day because two bags and a few thousand pounds (!) of demolition debris has been removed from our driveway. 

It's a simple concept.  Pick up the bag at any Home Depot or Lowe's.   Fill it as you would a dumpster and when you're ready for it to go, simply call or fill out the online order form. A garbage truck will come and pick up your Bagster bag(s) (ours came the next day)*.  We had so much taken out of the house that we needed two bags.  They do offer a multi-bag pickup discount, so if you anticipate more than one bag and you have the room, it's worth it to wait and call for both bags to be picked up at the same time.  Also, I googled "Bagster Online Coupon" and found a $20 off promo code via retail-me-not.  (that site has great online coupon codes, always worth checking!) 

* Just be sure to check out the "rules" for collection.  Your driveway has to be a minimum size and there are some other details on the site.  It cost us about $300 for both bags and pick-up.