Friday, May 17, 2013

Followup: Wanted Lake House

A few days ago I was writing that I needed to find a lakehouse.  My soul was telling me to go to the woods.  To go to the water.  So, in an effort to practice what I preach and go confidently in the direction I desire, I found a simple little house on a simple little lake not too far away from home.  It wasn't available for July 4th week, the week we traditionally like to go away, but it was available any week of June.  ...any week?   What about the month?   What about the entire month --- all for me.  Yes, please!

I got a great rate on the June price because it is off-peak.  But I'm not a sun worshiper nor do I have kids in school, so June is actually perfectly "peak" for me.   So I followed my heart, didn't overthink and just committed.   I think it's going to be perfection!

Some years I like to use my vacation budget for Europe or a far away place.  Othertimes use it for what we know and like but this year, an overwhelmingly different year for us, a quiet retreat in the woods was exactly what I need.   Peace.