Friday, May 24, 2013

Pacific Northwest

Three years ago, on Memorial Day weekend I met with my college roommate and ventured to the Pacific Northwest for 9 days.  We explored Seattle, Portand and Vancouver with many stops along the way.   It was a trip I desperately needed at that moment in life.  It's value will never be something I can quantify.   I think of it often....  especially on these grey, foggy, drizzley, cool New England spring days. 

One of the last moments of the trip we were driving down from Vancouver to Seattle.  We stopped at the side of the road to get coffee.  I'm not even sure either of us spoke.  There was no breathtaking nature to inhale.  But I was just so full.  so content. so at peace.  I didn't need a single thing.  I didn't have a single worry.    ....then I think we started laughing.  Because what were we doing on the side of the road?!!!!   Ahhh, good times.  Thank you.