Friday, May 3, 2013

New Normal

As a new mother there is obviously some adjustment necessary.  As a new full time working mom, there's even more.   For me, my first few weeks back to work were smooth.  There was a certain adrenaline keeping things pumping along...   As I start on month 3 of being back to work, that has worn off and the non-stop "treadmill" feel has replaced it.  Only it's as though someone keeps turning up the pace on the treadmill and my husband and I are gripping the handle bars trying to hang on.  

But I had a small epiphany yesterday.  Perhaps it was the beautiful spring weather or just a moment of clarity --- we have a new normal.  That includes a wonderful, healthy, happy giggly boy.   I must adjust our expectations to adhere to that miraculous change.   Maybe a nicely cooked dinner every night is just no longer realistic.  Maybe 3 days at the gym instead of 5 is good enough.  Maybe I have to ask for help more than I ever have's all good.   Waiting for things to "quiet down" or for a weekend to be free of plans, commitments, errands, chores is.... unrealistic.  And I refuse to wait my life away.  Time moves on with or without our consent. 

Instead, I will embrace this wonderful new normal with my beautiful boy...  Fit things in when I can, accept what I just can't get to, release a need for perfection and find happiness in it all.  It's a great life filled to the brim with blessings.   Happy Friday, friends.