Friday, May 30, 2014

18 months

My boy, I feel we're on the brink of a mind explosion with you.   You're starting to "get it".   When I ask where the airplane is, you proudly say "Up!" and move your hands toward the sky.   When we sing Ring around the Rosie you happily crouch down into your famous rice-farmer squat at the end of the song.  When we ask you if you want to go Night-Night you adamantly shake your head no.  And, maybe best of all, when we ask for a beijo (Portuguese for kiss) you don't hesitate to smack your lips right on our cheek.   Every day your mind expands, we're having so much fun just watching you grow.

(the Florence and the Machine album which is the perfect soundtrack to a Friday morning, an unsolicited compliment, travel spill-proof coffee mugs)