Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

It was a wonderful weekend --- jam packed, as is usually the case these days.  We had music class and picked up some new dining chairs.  Then J and I spent a beautiful afternoon at a local park while Dad was away for a friend's bachelor party.  The evening was topped off when a friend came over for a Girls binge and sleepover.

The next morning I got to spend some time outside with the doggy and coffee.   Then a visit to my parents for breakfast and more errands.  J and I took a leisurely afternoon nap with the windows open and the spring breeze blowing in --- ahhh.    R came home just in time for "ice cream for dinner" - Mother's Day Request - and our lil' family of 4 (including the dog) had a picture perfect end of afternoon with our ice cream cones, green grass and gorgeous weather.   All in all - just a lovely way to spend a spring weekend.   My heart brims with gratitude for it all.