Friday, May 16, 2014


Arianna Huffington says that, "life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen."   I believe that. Perfecting the dance is difficult.  If it were 100% making it happen, life would be challenging but my achievement-driven self functions better with both near term and larger goals on the horizon.  I think that's partly why I enjoyed my teens and college years so much.  I had a goal - do well in school - and if I followed that goal, I would just keep on a path which would serve me well.

The letting it happen is somewhat harder.  That, to me, is the patience.  It's the relaxing into the days, months, years (!) where the forward progress seems questionable, or if nothing else - too slow.  During those periods it's been work for me to surrender and just let it be.  To enjoy the passing moment.  To settle into the good meal, the engaging conversation the beautiful simplicity found in the ordinary.

But it is a dance.  It is a delicate balance.  Perpetual movement.  Surrender and strength.  And just when you think you've mastered one step, the music changes...