Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Check In

Just an early May check-in.  I feel good.  There seemed to be a heaviness over me in March and April - not one that was unbearable but now that the fog seems to have cleared I realized where I had been. With the brighter days, flowers blooming, possibility of spending a lunch hour or time after work outside, all of late winter's bleakness seems happily to be lifting.

The house is slowly but surely coming together.  As the pieces start to fill in, I realize what chaos we had been living in.  I will start to do some posts about what we have going on in home furnishings arena soon.

I'm hopping back on the health and wellness train.  Saving alcohol consumption for weekends, cutting back a little on sugar and trying to get back to an exercise schedule.

All is well.   I am grateful.