Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Unlike happiness, which may be fleeting and shortlived, sustained joy is what I aspire toward. Last night I heard Shawn Achor say, "Happiness is the joy found when striving towards your potential".   I agree.  But I don't think that is the sole definition.  I've had plenty a happy moment resting in the shade....   laughing with friends....   enjoying a delicious meal.  Undoubtedly there is happiness to be found through achievement but there is also plenty of joy to be found in relaxation and connection.

He also said that science has proven that a daily gratitude list of three things we're grateful for (unique each day) for 21 days is clinically proven to increase happiness.   So for the next 21 days on this site I will record 3 things and see if the practice has an effect on me.

1. A safe, albeit slow, commute this morning.  2. Hot coffee and cereal available to me at the office.  3. Knowing that my baby is loved and well cared for despite my long work weeks.