Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer is here

So much to be grateful for this Tuesday post Memorial Day.  We had a terrific weekend.   We took part in a beautiful wedding.   The Brazilian groom, groomsmen and friends really were the best.  They danced like professionals and just kept the entire night going with so many laughs.  There's something so special about that culture.  The way the men are so comfortable in their skin and never hesitate to bust a move or crack each other up.   Throughout the night, I kept thinking to myself how happy I was to be part of it ---- and how grateful I am that my son will grow up around these amazing people.

After the wedding, R and I headed to Vermont for an overnight without the baby or dog.   Ahhh.  What a refresher.   I make it a point to visit some places I haven't seen before because I've found how soaking up new imagery and the digestion of local culture and parts unknown is good for my mind.   Vermont was stunning.  The ride was a scenic masterpiece and Burlington was a picture perfect small town, abundant with good restaurants, locally grown and made products (the cheese, beer, chocolates, ice cream .....!) and chill people.   Lovely.    Today we get back to normal and I'm grateful for it all.