Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blog Reading

I've stopped visiting a lot of the blogs I used to enjoy.  Similar to a magazine subscription, I just tire of the content that inevitably seems repetitive.   I know after a few years here on this space, I repeat myself (a lot)!   But as I've discussed, this is more of an online journal for me so it's been good practice to just write out what's on my mind and not be consumed with editing, duplicating, etc.  Maybe I need to circle around an issue 1,2,5,10, 20 times to fully capture the lesson, each time discovering something new.

I don't judge bloggers for writing too often, being too commercial, writing too many sponsored posts etc.  It's their space and can be used to fit whatever use they intend.  But I have found my readership has changed.  I enjoy most the bloggers who are so generous to share their thoughts on parenting, life, career etc. than just J.Crew spring styles or something else we all "need".

One of my absolute favorite blogs is SouleMama (I'e written about her before).   She is a homeschooling, farm raising, mother of 5 in rural Maine.  Although our lifestyles are tremendously different, her posts always energize and inspire me.  She has the most eloquent way with her words and often can inspire me not to consume, but just the opposite - relax and ENJOY.

Her post today was especially inspiring.
Yes, perhaps it would be easier/faster/tidier if I just did it myself. But "easier" and "faster," I remind myself and that distracting voice, are not exactly the goals I've set out to master in this little life of ours. And so I lean on "of course you can help me!" and "why don't you try it yourself!" Because I know with certainty that they will not always be at my side, in this pasture, in this home. That soon they will be surpassing me in height and strength and the speed at which the work is done. That when we work in this way, they grow capable and confident before my eyes. For this moment in time, things might get done just a bit slower. There may be a broken egg or two. The seeds might get a little too much watering. But I don't want them to be rushed through this fleeting age of eagerness curiosity and wonder, nor do I want to miss experiencing it alongside them. 
Do you know how warm an egg is just after the moment it comes out of the chicken? If you watch and wait for it and grab it the very moment it emerges? It is so very warm - so warm that it is best felt by rubbing it on your cheeks, and turning your face to the sun. I had never done that last part before until yesterday when Annabel showed me. Oh thank you, my little ones. I have so much to learn.
(image via her site)