Thursday, October 25, 2012


Today you are thirty-six weeks along, little guy.  Hard to believe you'll be joining us in only 4 weeks.  Wow. wow. wow.   I've gotten so used to this belly, to all of your movements, to the rhythms of your day --- it will be different to have you on the outside for all of the world to see.   But we can't wait!  We are so curious to find out more about the little soul that's about to be entrusted to us. 

I came across this yesterday.  So moving. 

On birth:
"Then we know – if only for a moment, for one long, sweet moment – what it is to be more than one, to be one plus, to have split open and spilled out our blood and our viscera and our spirit and gathered it all back up again in our arms and held it, tight, pressed it to our chests, felt it throbbing and squirming and to have known, to know, what it is to hold one’s soul in one’s arms."- Via this site.