Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dwell Baby Sale

Dwell Studios is offering 25% off all kids and baby items today.  We got J's bedding there and I'm a very happy customer.  The look is fresh and modern, the quality is good and the price point reasonable. 

I have been the fortunate receipient of some amazing baby gifts.  Honestly, people's thoughtfulness, generousity and creativity has surpassed my wildest imagination.  Now I feel the pressure to be a good-gift giver.  

Honestly, the babies get inundated with stuff and since they are so small and unaware, I think it's extra special if it's something that can be enjoyed by both mama and babe.  I recently gave a friend's son a play picnic set and a West Elm picnic blanket for his 1st birthday.  I thought it was a nice gift, something fun for the kiddo but practical for his mom and dad.   I didn't realize Dwell also carried play picnic sets.   At only $14.99 + 25% off I bought a few sets to store away.  Now I just have to wait for some nice looking picnic blankets to go on sale and I've got a thoughtful gift at an affordable price and, maybe best of all, saves me a rushed trip to the mall. 

(image via Dwell Site)