Thursday, November 17, 2011


My big sister got an incredible promotion yesterday.  She has worked tirelessly to be in the place where she is today.  Not only does she have incredible career ambition, she is raising two beautiful daughters, and finds plenty of time to still do the things that make her the person she is.  (I don't know many other women who headed to New Orleans to celebrate their 12th Annual Jazzfest while being 6 months pregnant and leaving a 2 year old at home!)   Careers and marriages and families are incredible feats in their own right, but a person who is able to find balance in all three while still being true to themselves is my truest role model. 

Perhaps what I admire most about her lifestyle, is she is carving her very own story.  Many of the decisions she makes might be out of the ordinary, and most definitely different than the home we were raised in, but she knows what she needs to feel fulfilled and goes after it.   If more of us could strive to really find contentment within ourselves and let that trickle through our lives - to our marriages, our children, our jobs, our friendships - we'd be a much happier people. 

Congratulations, big sister!  I hope you soak up every moment of this great achievement --- you have earned it!


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