Monday, November 14, 2011


When I'm getting the urge to be creative, all I have to do is go to Papersource.   It's such a happy store.  It has a great card selection, unique gifts, gorgeous wrapping papers and decorative accessories --- ribbon, twine, and everything you would ever need to dress up your gift.  It also has a wall full of notecards.  I love keeping these around because they are an inexpensive way to include a quick note when you have something to pop in the mail to a friend.  What's even better, though, is to use their special hole punches to easily cut a snowflake, a mapleleaf, or any other image you see fit to enhance your note just a tiny bit.  Since they have so many color choices, you can put together a nice and unique combo. 

From Papersouce
 Pair together 5 note cards and 5 envelopes, punch a hole in each of them, wrap the set with a satin ribbon and you've got a classy looking, and practical, gift idea for less than $5!  Perfect if you give to a lot of teachers, coworkers etc.
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