Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gift Wrap

I love the holiday season.  Without doubt, my favorite time of year.  I guess it runs in the family because my mom is probably finished with her shopping by now (most of it's done before Halloween!)  As much as we always laughed about my mom's crazy tradition, I'm beginning to think she was quite wise and I'm doing a little better every year to be more like her.  For me, getting ahead of my shopping is the key to enjoying the holidays!  It's not fun to sit traffic for 45 minutes just to get into the mall parking lot...even worse to shop aimlessly through the picked over racks.  So --- here I am, beginning of November trying to really brainstorm and, at the very least, have a mental list of my gifts.   That leaves me December to just soak up the fun, bustling energy of the holiday season and plenty of time to sit in front of the lit tree and wrap my presents, a special little hobby of mine!

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